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SOC Tank Transportation

Hengcheng owns sufficient SOC tanks and all these tanks are certified by the International organization's quality standards. Hengcheng insures all the containers, greatly reducing the risks that may be encountered in the actual operation.Hengcheng's own tank containers are T11 standard containers,tank volume includes 25m³ and 26m³.Hengcheng tanks as SOC tanks are more flexible to allocate . Hengcheng professional operation team can provide security, economic, efficient logistics solutions and provide customers with quality and perfect container logistics service according to the customers’demand.Hengcheng is professional in tank container transportation, owning sufficient SOC tanks and providing one-stop services in domestic and abroad. Now our tanks go to and from North America, South America, Europe, Mediterranean,India , Pakistan, Korea , Japan and other southeast countries. Handling transportation of MDI, ISOPRENE、DIMETHYL CARBONATE、3-CHLOROPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE、LOW PCA PROCESS OIL、SODIUM METHYLATE SOLUTION、FORMIC ACID、DPT、FURFURYL ALCOHOL, etc. 

Rich Experience in Handling Hazardous Cargo and Chemicals logistics

Hengcheng’s operators participated in the professional training of dangerous cargo and chemicals handling. They have professional standards and a wealth of operating experience to ensure the safety of goods, punctual delivery and can make reasonable, economical and safe logistics solutions according to different requirements of the customer.

Good Relationship with Carriers

Hengcheng established good relationship with most carriers, such as MSC、CMA、APL、MEARSK、etc, so we can provide better rates and ensure the shipping space in peak season.

Sophisticated Agents Network

Hengcheng has perfect domestic agent network and also establishes business relationship with more than 70 overseas agents. With sophisticated global network and excellent import and export services, Hengcheng truly achieves door to door service.

Import & Export Logistics Operations and Domestic Multimodal Transport

Comprehensive acquainting the import and export policy, Hengcheng actively cooperates customers to complete the projects, customs clearance, port facilities arrangement, inland, rail transport, inland river services in short time and economical cost.

Extended Services

Besides of the transport service, Hengcheng also can offer trade consulting and other services .