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Chemical Dangerous Cargo Operations

Hengcheng has many years’ experience in operation of import & export of hazardous cargoes and chemicals. The services cover booking, loading, dangerous goods Declaration and trucking, etc. After the professional training ,operators of HengCheng has certificate of  dangerous cargo declaration.

With many years experience in operating general chemicals and hazardous in North America, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, India and Pakistan, Korea and Japan and other southeast countries.Hengcheng is in the leading position in handling MDI,ISOPRENE,DIMETHYLCARBONATE,3-CHLOROPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE,LOW PCA PROCESS OIL,SODIUM METHYLATE SOLUTION,FORMIC ACID,DPT,FURFURYL ALCOHOL, etc.

For the transportation of hazardous cargo, the qualifications and certificate of the loading vehicles, drivers, guards and also the transportation company are in compliance with the relevant requirements of “the Regulations on the Administration of Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road”. The drivers who transport hazardous cargoes are professionally trained  to ensure cargo safety during loading and transportation.

Hengcheng has a multi-year cooperative relationship of dangerous goods warehouses, which can store, distribute, package and reinforce dangerous goods to ensure the environment is free from pollution and more environmentally friendly. For many years of operation of dangerous goods declaration, Hengcheng has established a good reputation in the Maritime Safety Administration and various shipping companies. It can quickly and accurately declare the success of various dangerous goods declarations and win the trust of every customer.