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Tank Container Business

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Tank Logistics Expert of Dangerous Cargo

Hengcheng will provide the safe, economical, fast logistics solutions and provide Professional personalized service according to different MSDS nature of the cargo and the requirement of customers. Now, Hengcheng makes great achievement in liquid chemicals, hazardous cargo, tanks transportation, so Hengcheng can be called “the expert of tank transportation”.

Professional Operation Team

The staff in the tank business team have more than ten years experiences in handling MDI, ISOPRENE、DIMETHYL CARBONATE、3-CHLOROPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE、LOW PCA PROCESS OIL、SODIUM METHYLATE SOLUTION、FORMIC ACID、DPT、FURFURYL ALCOHOL, etc. Hengcheng is in the leading position in this field.

Supporting Depot Services

All the tanks owned by Hengcheng have ISO quality certification, so we can provide ADR,AIR inspection report. We also can finish the tank inspection and put into use in shortest time. In the tank selection, modification, testing, maintenance phase, Hengcheng arranges the professional technician to inspect, supervise, take pictures and provide technical guidance on site in order to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the tank. And all the tanks have been covered insurance, which can greatly reduce possible risks in the actual operation. Hengcheng has the perfect tank tracking system, so we can update the tank status to the customers in time to control the business. In the major overseas ports, Hengcheng can also provide customers the professional cleaning, maintenance, annual inspection and test services in the depots.

Tank Containers Knowledge

Tank container is a kind of 20 feet international container with the stainless steel frame outside. The exterior, measurement and mode of transportation are identical to 20 feet container.

Usage of Tank Container

It is specially used to transport liquid chemicals, hazardous cargos, oil, food and so forth.

The advantages of tank container:

1. Reduction of the cost:

a 20 feet standard tank can load 45% more liquid goods than a general container filled with drums. Thus it can reduce the transport cost of inland and ocean freight, reduce the expensive cost of disposing drums and eliminate wastage after discharging of drums.

2. Convenience of the loading and unloading:

The use of tank container is convenient to load and unload cargoes. It can avoid the purchasing, filling, handling, cleaning and disposing of drums.

3. Safety and Environment Protection:

The tank container is recognized as the safest mode of transportation without leaking and polluting the environment. The European and  American countries have enacted the relative law that some cargoes must be shipped by ISO TANK.

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