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Hazardous Chemicals

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Hengcheng has many years’ experience in operation of import & export of hazardous cargoes and chemicals. The services cover booking, loading, hazardous cargoes declaration and trucking, etc. With the rich experience and professional levels, all the operators are professionally trained with the qualification certificate of providing dangerous cargo declaration.

With years experience in general chemicals and hazardous in North America, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, India and Pakistan, Korea and Japan and other southeast countries. Hengcheng is in the leading position in handlingMDI,ISOPRENE,DIMETHYLCARBONATE,3-CHLOROPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE,LOW PCA PROCESS OIL,SODIUM METHYLATE SOLUTION,FORMIC ACID,DPT,FURFURYL ALCOHOL, etc.

For the transport of hazardous cargoes, the qualifications and documents of the vehicles, drivers, guards and also the transport company are all met the relevant requirements of the national "Road Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations" . The drivers who transit hazardous cargoes are professionally trained, so they can guarantee the safety when loading and driving.

Hengcheng establishes a long-term partnership with the hazardous cargoes warehouse which can offer warehousing, distribution, packaging and reinforcement of hazardous cargoes. The relative solutions can avoid environment pollution and be more environmentally friendly. Years on operation of hazardous cargoes declaration, Hengcheng has a good reputation in the Maritime Safety Administration and the shipping lines. For a variety of hazardous cargoes declaration, Hengcheng operates fast, successfully declaration and win the trust of every customer.