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Beach Games

Release time: 2018-09-19   Browsing:781次

Students rivaled and competed on the playground in school days. While this timeourbeach games are more for making every colleaguefeel relaxed and encouragingthenew employees to relate to and get familiar with our group more quickly. There are not too many rules and regulationsbut full of cheers and laughter in this activity. All of our colleagues took part in it actively and the beach gameswere held completely successful!

Here we arrive at the Third Swimming Resort!

All are listening to game rules carefully!

We stepped on the balloons and then ran away quickly

Everyone showed a big smile on their faces after the first part of games!

Tug-of-war, we never give up!

Unity is strength! We go ahead together!

We united to stand up together!

On September 15th, our company held the first beach games at the Third Swimming Resort. We wereaway from the hustle of downtown and there were blue sky, beach, seaand our big family only. This activity encouragedevery colleagueto uniteand cooperate and eventually enhanced our friendship.