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Release time: 2019-04-30   Browsing:448次

The spring tour was held on April 13th. Everyone went to the station to learn the knowledge of the tanks. After that, we went to the picking garden to pick strawberries and experience the fun of picking. The combination of work and rest makes everyone full of laughter and harvest.

Tank stacking in depot

Everyone is serious about learning about tanks.

Taking a photo with Hengcheng tanks

Experiencing the joy of picking by ourselves

Through the on-site inspection of the tanks, everyone can deepen the knowledge of the tanks and improve our skills. At the same time, picking strawberries allows everyone to integrate into nature and relax the body and mind. During the event, we are dedicated to learning, we laughed when we gathered, and we enjoyed the moment when we picked strawberries. After the baptism of the spring sun, we believe we can cooperate with each other more tacitly and better!