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With 10 ships were stranded, 746 tons of dangerous cargos on board, claims may reach a record $4 billion , and the impact of the East US container ship collision with a bridge exceeded expectations

Release time: 2024-04-03   Browsing:139次
On the early morning of March 26th local time, a container ship rented by Maersk named "DALI" ,with a capacity of up to 9971TEU, collided with the largest bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, USA during navigation, resulting in 6 deaths.
The latest news is that 56 containers on the container ship "Dali" are loaded with dangerous goods, totaling 764 tons. These hazardous materials mainly include corrosive substances, flammable substances, and other Class 9 hazardous materials, including lithium-ion batteries. The authorities observed a gloss on the waterway, indicating a possible leak.